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Birthday Club

Pat's Birthday Club

Whether this is your 1st birthday or 100th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I've been sending Starbucks gift cards to those that don't drink coffee, movie gift cards to those that don't go to the theater and burger gift cards to vegans. So, I created this simple form that you can fill out so that you get the birthday gift you want most.
Thank you for being a valued client and/or referring your loved ones to me. It's folks like you that make being a REALTOR such a wonderful career. 
Is this birthday a new decade for you? 100th? 50th? etc
What kind of gift card would you like? Name a specific company or category. I'll try and fill it best I can.
Would you prefer to have lunch with Pat?
I appreciate referrals. Do you have anyone you love that needs real estate assistance? Please leave their name and number.