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Ahwatukee is located to in the southern part of Phoenix. On one side it borders South Mountain Park. Metro Phoenix is to the north and Chandler is to the east. There are many housing options available in Ahwatukee including single family detached homes, townhomes, patio homes, and condos.   Whether you want to live in a large subdivision like Mountain Park Ranch, a senior living community, or a smaller subdivision, Ahwatukee  has a home for you. 

Many homes have private pools and some communities have private community pools. Real estate in Ahwatukee comes in a variety of prices as well depending upon the size of the home, style, features, and location. Use the links above to explore and find the Ahwatukee home that is right for you.

Phoenix has 15 urban villages and only one, Ahwatukee lies south of South Mountain Park.  With a large mountain in the way, Ahwatukee is by itself and proud of it. Over 35 square miles and about 77,000 residents make this upscale neighborhood a distinct community unto itself.


The Kyrene School district serves the elementary and middle school kids, while the Tempe High School district handles the high school students. In the Phoenix metro area the school districts overlap the city boundaries. You can live in one city and have your kids go to school in another.

Some say that Ahwatukee is from the language of Crow and means “the land on the other side of the hill”, but others say it means “house of dreams” the name of the first residence built on the south side of the mountain back in the 1920’s. Either way, Ahwatukee is probably the best know of the 15 urban villages and the hardest one to get to from city hall.

Ahwatukee is full of restaurants and shopping along Chandler Boulevard, Ray Road and up along 48th street, but it’s mostly a residential suburb with a few very nice golf courses. (Club West, Foothills Golf Club, Ahwatukee Country Club, Ahwatukee Lakes)

To the north, of course is the mountain. The largest city park in the US. With numerous trails for both hikers and mountain bikers and a wonderful view on top of the “Valley of the Sun”. To the south is the Gila Indian Reservation and their entertainment complex called Wild Horse. There, you will find a world class golf course, Whirlwind Golf Club next to a large resort Sheraton Wildhorse Pass Resort & Spa which is, of course, attached to the Gila River Casinos. There’s, also, Firebird International Raceway for the drag racing fans and Rawhide for those that want to experience the wild west.