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Single Family Home Subdivisions in Apache Junction

Browse homes for sale in Apache Junction, AZ by subdivision. Includes subdivisions with no HOAs, as well as those that have HOAs, and homes in retirement communities.

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Horse Properties for Sale in Apache Junction

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One or more acres - Apache Junction Homes for Sale

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Senior Living Homes - Apache Junction

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Apache Junction Homes for Sale by Feature

Apache Junction, Arizona is located to the East of Phoenix is part of the Greater Phoenix area. It is East of Mesa. There are many housing options available in Apache Junction including single family detached homes, townhomes, patio homes, and condos. There are a number of horse properties, homes with RV parking,  and some senior living communities.    Whether you want to live in a subdivision with or without an HOA, Apache Junction has a home for you. 

Many homes have private pools and some communities have private community pools. You can also enjoy the Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center open to residents with lots of features for all ages.

Real estate in Apache Junction comes in a variety of prices as well depending upon the size of the home, style, features, and location. Use the links above to explore and find the Apache Junction home that is right for you.

Apache Junction is a city just west of the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area.  Over 35,000 residents called it home in the last census. AJ, as the locals call it is the gateway to the Superstition mountain wilderness area, Tonto National Park, The Lost Dutchman State Park and the Apache Trail. Visiting for the first time, you’ll want to pull over and see the Superstition Mountain Musuem,  Goldfield Ghost Town and while driving the Apache Trail, stop and check out the Dolly Steamboat and Tortilla Flat.

 The properties in AJ vary from your subdivisions on the north and west side, horse properties with beautiful views of the mountains to golf course properties out in Gold Canyon. Here’s A great video about AJ that will make you want to call Apache Junction home.