Using QR Codes For Real Estate Marketing

Using QR Codes for Real Estate Marketing

We recently learned about a new technology to use for real estate marketing and we are giving it a try. Lots of people have access to the internet on their phones now. However, accessing internet information from the phone can be difficult unless the website is formatted for mobile phone display. Using this new technology, it is easy to display property information on a cell phone.

 We create a mobile phone formatted website for each property. We also create a QR code for each property. A QR code looks like a bar code except it is square instead of rectangular. It also has a smaller square in each of three corners.

 To access property information, a mobile phone user first needs to download a free QR Reader from their app store. Then follow the softwares directions to scan the code (take a picture of it). Be careful when taking the picture to get a clear picture and try to have the QR code take up as much of the photo as possible. Then, it should be as simple as clicking on the button to access the property information. Property information and photos are available on our listings. The service we are using also provides a map of the property’s location and some local information.

This is what a QR Code looks like:




Using QR Codes For Real Estate Marketing